happy (i used to be)
(egil olsen)

i used to be happy
i thought i'd cracked the code
had everything under control

knew what i wanted to do and
what it took to get through
they tried to bring me down but i refused

i wanna be happy
this here is just a faze
i'm sure things will fall into place

i don't know what i want to do
it's just no longer fun
let tomorrow morning raise the sun

ooo ooo ooo

i should be happy
i better not complain
i'll gather myself and behave

i got more than i need
that's right
gonna have to agree
oh but it don't change the way i feel

i ought to be happy

"this song was written on a sad and rainy day on a
vintage 80s organ with built-in drums and auto-comp.

egil olsen