i just don't care (in a good way) anymore
(egil olsen)

when i came to town
all i saw was trash on the ground
drunks pooping on the street
parking tickets on my windshield
i wanted to leave
but a part of me needed to stay and face the fear

they broke into my car
stole everything but my guitar
boo hoo
and the police didn't care
nothing in this town seemed to be fair
i wanted to leave
but a part of me needed to beat the fear

i don't care if it's right or wrong
but i've grown to ignore
now i just don't care anymore

well i'm still in town
i've made some friends and i have found
some sort of peace
among the concrete there are trees
and now i believe
i can pick and chose in life what i would like to see

i just don't care
in a good way

"true story! i had to do my show later that night
in trainers and a hellboy t-shirt when i found out
that they had also stolen all of my clothes.
let's hope they burn in hell forever

egil olsen