turn into air
(egil olsen)

always thought that i would
someday end up in hollywood
just like the local newspaper said
a long time ago

i'm still sittin in my room
imagining possibly maybe perhaps soon
it's not as sweat as it seems
high hopes and dreams

days go faster
and i'm goin where
will i turn into air

i've tried to lower my expectations
from what i've heard it's what most people do
the more you climb the closer to god
the higher the fall

there's just so much i wanna do before i'm done
will all this be over before i've begun
the self help books told me to live in the now
have i forgotten how

days get shorter
i'm getting scared
will i turn into air

i still think that i can
naive as i am
make a few of my silly dreams come true
ooo ooo ooo

these days are over
what now and where?
all i know is i swear
i won't let my dreams turn into air

"the hardest song to write. the lyrics were finalized and recorded at the very end
of the project. rumors say there's been over 100 verses to this song. not true.

egil olsen